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Cold weather chickens-8 things NOT to do in winter.

Cold weather chickens – 8 things NOT to do to in winter

Take preventative measures to keep your chickens worm-free by growing and feeding them these natural de-worming plants.

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8 of the best chickens for Homesteading.

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thirteen lessons learned about what is necessary and what is not necessary in chicken coops

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chicken coop

Image 25 of 47 in forum thread “DUCK HOUSE”

Love the mini goat barn and chicken coop next to it

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swimming chickens! How funny!

Silly swimming chickens...I mean "ducks"....I mean chickens!!

Rid coops of flies

How to Rid your Chicken Coop of Flies | ImaginAcres

Murano Chicken Farm: 10 Chicken Supplies you can find at the Dollar Store

10 Chicken Supplies from the Dollar Store


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cabbage tetherball

Chickens Get Bored | HenCam


The Accidental Farmer: Garden Blog: Photo Blog: Organic Gardening

How and why to clip wings

How (and why) to clip a chicken's wings

In this article, we’ll look at a variety of methods that make it possible to determine the gender of chickens at various ages.

How to Sex Chickens: Male or Female, Hen or Rooster?

I like this because it could serve for chickens, ducks, or a bird aviary.

Large Bird Aviary | eBay

chicken run ideas | Chicken Run Ideas

Chicken Run Ideas, would love to see your pics!

Large Chicken Run with flat mesh roof 6x9' basic size + options. Idea for chicken yard

Large Chicken Run with flat mesh roof 6x9' basic size + options

Great chicken run idea!

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Single-line Electric Fence to prevent digging under your Chicken Run

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Clever! Starts with a carport cover that could house a few goats, rabbit cages, or chickens.

Murray McMurray Hatchery

We built this poop board under our roost as an after thought. We wanted to maximize use of space by adding the "chicken jail" below that. We use it for transitioning new or young chickens into the group, broodies, injured, etc. It has turned out to be our favorite feature of the coop. The stall dry in the poop board makes cleaning a breeze(scoop like cat litter), tackles odor, and keeps mites and bugs away.

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High heat is dangerous for chickens- heat stroke, heat stress and death can result when a chicken is overheated.

Beat the Heat: Helping Chickens Survive High Temps

Love these chickens... Polish

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Looks like Tweety!

Indigo Crossing