say whaaaaa

Who invents this stuff?

Funny pictures about Who invents this stuff? Oh, and cool pics about Who invents this stuff? Also, Who invents this stuff?

Rare perspectives

Hey kids you wanna see some sweet pics?

Try it, truly awesome

This is SO cool. Click the GIF buttom for it to work, watch the top half for 30 seconds, then watch Starry Night come to life. So worth it!

This just blew my mind to pieces!!!

Coincidence? I think not!

Funny coincidence history about John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. But Lyndon B. Johnson was president upon Kennedy's assassination, not Andrew Johnson.history repeats itself in a weird way.

Shut up and take my money

There are some interesting inventions on this page, but most of the images aren't pinnable. Check out the couch that turns into bunk beds. (Tech Projects Life Hacks) I have that jelly fish one

12 Extremely Satisfying GIFs Of Things Being Cut By Knives

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DIY a minimalist side table for your living room.

What to Make This Weekend: A Vertical Desk Organizer, Ombré Sneakers + More

While the link is in German, thus cute little DIY couch side table is pretty self explanatory! s i n n e n r a u s c h: Simpler DIY Beistelltisch + Gewinner der Stelton Verlosung


SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR (I found this on a doctor who board. just gonna casually leave this here. ya know, in case one of you is the Doctor in hiding.) <- these comments, love how they don't relate to some creepy pyramids but the doctor who fandom

Stare at this for about ten seconds or so, then look at your keyboard.

Stare at the center (while the gif is playing) for 20 to 40 seconds, then look at your hand - WHOAH. It looks like ur hand is moving

i'm going to do this one day when i'm bored. it's going to be awesome!!!

I totally want to kill someone with playing cards! Wow, I think I need a shrink or something.<<<I've killed a man with playing cards once.

Snail Silicone Tea Bag Holder Cup Mug Candy Colors Gift Set

Snail Silicone Tea Bag Holder Cup Mug Candy Colors Gift Set<<<I'm putting this in Bookish Life because I drink tea when I read

Rare and interesting pictures

Rare and interesting pictures