No I was... I was waving at the person behind you. Unsuccessful attempt to make them believe that you are waving at someone behind them in-turn embarrassing them. Fails from the start typically... Walk away quickly with your head down.

lol, Yes, this has happened to me! Then I wave to someone I don't know while they give me a weird look as the head to the person they were really waving at.


"Suddenly, an oven fell from the sky and crash landed in my car! The tiny oven aliens now have to pay for my new car.


In University a student was asked by a Professor to write a 5 page essay about Courage page blank essay) He got an A+. Like a Boss Meme. Pardon the language. but this is just too brilliant.


Hahahahahaha - - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

Relatable Post #3236- You tube is addicting... I click on a music video next thing you know I'm watching how to make ice cream.

The whole music video to ice cream thing has happened to me! Yep how is ice cream in the side bar? It's not you clicked on about 50 other things THEN ice cream was in the side bar

20 Puns That Totally nailed it

hanging with my peeps! Why is this so funny? I hate peeps!

I seriously can't stop laughing at this kids face. What is says isn't that funny, but his face is making me cry I am laughing so hard!

Feel my leg - I laughed way to hard at this picture!

hahaha girls i think we've all done this.feel my leg i just shaved, lol skeleton halloween cool funny I LAUGHED WAY TOO HARD AT THIS

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Can you imagine how luxurious planes will be in 50 years? Where did we go wrong? That poor guy's face.

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