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Maddy Sloey
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Will Smith on fanboying when Ben Affleck got out of the Batmobile

Will Smith geeking out. Even if DC sucks, Will was a great dead shot

no wonder

When Will Smith got tricked into going to London for his son's birthday

You have to do this! It only takes 10 seconds!

I just did it and really laughed. so do it its totally worth it!<<<<Yep u did it too soooooooooo worth it

I'M DYING please read the whole thing hahahahah

I'M DYING please read the whole thing hahahahah Apparently I did not speak french.

Nico and Hazel. PJO

You had to go raise the dead didn't you Nico<<< ikr, when I first saw that seen in gravity falls, i thought of Nico and Hazel.

31 moana funny memes

Moana is definitely lovely animation movie and believe me or not when that shiny fat crab started signing I was in love with that shit

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