Neverending, constant flow of apps. Almost endless. Aimed at business people, students who could be considering an iphone. Uses surrealism, the apps can't really be "endless".

This is cool, the escalator has been turned to look like an iPhone screen with a whole range of apps. This is advertising apples endless apps. It would be hard to miss this whilst you are travelling up the escalator.

Ballet school guerrilla marketing ad with revolving doors

Creative Advertising

Joffrey Ballet School 'Ballerina' Revolving Door Advertisement: The clever revolving door advertisement was strategically placed to create a ballerina twirling.

CG - Great analyse from Tom Verhoeven : "I am not sure if this is a good ad or bad ad for Apple. In one sense Apple could be wanting us to know there MAC is bigger and better. On the other hand how good is an actual Big Mac for your diet? Does that mean a Mac is not healthy or good for you either?"

Satirical Marketing Mashups

This is an example of an Advertising Parody- they incorporate the "big mac" as one of McDonalds prodcuts, while the shape of the burger is in the shape of Apple's logo. hence the word "mac".

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This is a piece created by Marianna Stella Wang, a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her concept behind this was to really show the uniqueness of people with smart phones and they're own use of applications.

Such a cool ad

Creative America Disability Association Advertisement: For some It’s Mt everest Help build more handicap facilities. Great message, an there are other ad messages relevant for printing on a stairway.

This is the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine. Coke put in the happiness machine in to a collage campus in america. The machine then gave out a little more than the students were expecting such as flowers to the girls and pizza. This was then filmed and made in to a viral advert for coke which can now be found on Youtube. With over 4.5 million views and over three thousand comments, this was a great way for Coke reach their target audience as well as to make their brand more likeable.

A Coca-Cola vending machine is transformed into a happiness machine delivering "doses" of happiness. Where will happiness strike next? Find out 10 things you.