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Occult Tattoos

occult symbols, skulls, engraving, wood block, magic, sacred geometry, masonic, esoteric, danse macabre, medieval, mystical, witch, witchy, etc.
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Patricia Campos runes

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Patricia Campos

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#witchsymbol @inkyundstretchy

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#tarot tattoo #the wild unknown #wands #swords #pentacles #cups

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Yarrow and Snakes back tattoo by Lisa Orth

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William Blake's "The Ancient of Days setting a Compass to the Earth" woodblock tattoo by Lisa Orth

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Wild Unknown Wheel of Fortune inspired tattoo by Mekaya

Ink Monkey Tattoo and Piercing on Instagram: “Done by Mekaya #inkmonkey #inkmonkeytattoo #inklife #inkedguys #inkforguys #inked #inkedgirls #tattooed #tattoosforwomen #newtattoo…”

Vegvísir (Icelandic stave meant to guide the bearer through rough weather) with runes

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knee tattoo incorporatic Icelandic staves - Dan Bones

Tattoos - Dan Bones

rune tattoos, a self portrait by Lor Myers

Hedendom — Norse rune tattoos, a self portrait by Lor Myers

Mannaz rune side tattoo

Tattoo Submission: Kerstin (Germany)

Unicursal Hexagram hand tattoo by Ien Levin


Mirja Fenris - geometric full and crescent moon

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Mirja Fenris - crescent moon neck tattoo

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Basilisk - Baylen Levore

Baylen Levore (Baylen Levore Asheville, NC)

witches' cauldron by the m-f-ing queen of tattoos (at least in my book) Baylen Levore

Baylen Levore (Sneak peak)

Christian Casteñeda (xianofthedeath) ouroboros

Christian Castañeda on Instagram: “Por fiiiin! Ouroboros para mi adorado @mdgera ❤”

Christian Castañeda (xianofthedeath) palmistry tattoo

Christian Castañeda on Instagram: “Para Tahnee, quien es divina :)”

Psychic Sarah's Devil Tarot Tattoo by Megan Oliver @ Inner Vision Tattoo (designed by Barry William Hale)

Tarot Tattoo Project


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Pan | Gusak - Kingdom Tattoo - Kiev

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Mirja Fenris

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Madeline Usher