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More like this: book stands, vintage sheet music and bath mats.

I aspire to these.

Sweet idea - painting of your child's favorite "lovey"

old/vintage military bags

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    Thanks for the great picture of my booth at junk market under glass

thankful turkey Stick in thankful feathers with toothpicks

I have a piece I could do this wth, but....too much?

Whit's Knits: Sunshine Scarf I feel a little guilty divulging this information, as if I'm betraying the whole rest of the spectrum, but I have to admit that I have a favorite color... yellow. And not just any yellow, not baby yellow or lemon yellow or mustard yellow, but deep and bright and clear sunshine yellow, the kind of yellow that emits its own light and whistles its own carefree tune.  When it comes to this kind of yellow, Alchemy is the master, hands down. Alchemy's yellows are saturated and fresh, like pollen-soaked blossoms. Using them to make a scarf in August feels like the perfect way to bring the heat of summer into the upcoming crisp nights of autumn. While Madeline Tosh's beautiful Tosh Merino Light serves as the soft, neutral ground, Alchemy's Kozmos provides the entertainment, not only with its splash of intense color, but also with its play of texture: a little fuzzy, a bit shiny, and a lot gorgeous!   The Materials 1 skein of Madeline Tosh's Tosh Merino Light, 100% Superwash Merino Wool. This color is "Flour Sack" ("Luster" would be a very similar option...).  (I used almost the entire skein.) 2 skeins of Alchemy's Kozmos, 30% Silk, 26% Mohair, 13% Wool and 31% Cotton. These colors, from the left, are "Canary" and "Michelle's Marigold".  (I used 25 grams of each 45 gram skein.) A US #6, 32 inch circular needle. The Pattern Gauge 6 1/2 stitches = 1 inch of garter stitch in the Tosh Merino Light (before blocking) Finished Size 84 inches long and 5 inches wide (after blocking) Pattern Notes HOW TO DEAL WITH THE TAILS Although you can weave in all the ends when you're finished, I decided it would be much easier to knit the tails into the scarf as I worked. Here's how... When you're done with a yarn, cut it, leaving a 5 or 6 inch tail. Then knit the first stitch of the new row with the new color. Knit the next inch or two holding together the new yarn and the tail of the last yarn you used. Complete the row with the new color. Finish the next row and when you start the next row, pick up the tail of the new color that you left behind and knit along with it for the first inch or two of the row. If, on rare occasion, you find yourself with more tails than this method can accomodate, leave a tail or two to weave in at the end. YARN AND COLOR ABBREVIATIONS In the pattern, I call the Tosh Merino Light the "Main Color" or "MC", and I call the Kozmos Canary, "Yellow" or "Y" and the Michelle's Marigold, "Orange" or "O". Begin With the Main Color, cast on 415 stitches. Be sure not to cast on too tightly; your stitches should easily slide along the needle. Knit 5 rows. With Yellow, knit 1 row. With MC, knit 3 rows. With Orange, knit 3 rows. MC: Knit 9 rows. Y: Knit 3 rows. MC: Knit 3 rows. O: Knit 1 row. MC: Knit 3 rows. Y: Knit 1 row. MC: Knit 5 rows. Y: Knit 1 row. MC: Knit 9 rows. O: Knit 3 rows. MC: Knit 3 rows. Y: Knit 1 row. MC: Knit 1 row. Y: Knit 1 row. MC: Knit 3 rows. O: Knit 1 row. MC: Knit 5 rows. Y: Knit 1 row. MC: Knit 1 row. O: Knit 1 row. MC: Knit 3 rows. With MC, bind off loosely. Gently block your scarf, and then wrap yourself in a burst of sunshine!

only $12.00. Who can make one or more of these? I have so many plates to use.

would love except shipping is $1 less than the cost of the actual ladder

I would love to be focused enough to make this!