Use an old sweater sleeve to wrap a wine bottle gift.

Sweater Sleeve Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Use an old sweater sleeve to wrap a wine bottle. Use an old sweater sleeve to wrap a wine bottle.

Bookshelf crates.

DIY wooden pallet furniture ideas for your home. Pallet indoor and outdoor amazing ideas, plans, designs and projects collection.

DIY explorer costume.

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Dress up your kids in fun DIY Halloween costumes made from everyday household items. For everyday dress up.

Light bulb vases.

this cute idea. Use light bulbs as hanging flower vases. [ "diy hanging vase: use an old light bulb.cute idea for an outdoor party", "D

Re-purposed shutters!

Use a Window Shutter as a Mail Holder; love this idea for Christmas cards. Could paint the shutter Christmas red

A recycled garden.

reuse wine bottles for a diy fountain :) but will use mason jars! Would be more awesome if there was a light making the water look like wine. this is an awesome idea! Cool Ideas,Cute ideas,Garden fun and love,In th

10 Crafts for Repurposed Silverware

Looking for something to use in the kitchen to hold your recipe cards while cooking? I took a fork, bent the tines and made a recipe card holder. From 'When the dinner bell Rings'

Upcycling for back to school kid craft storage.

Stack-able storage! I'm so going to make this out of old soup cans and use at my desk or at the writing center. This would be perfect in the writing center!

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