Sister LOVE!

i love my sister :) my best friend, a Shoulder to lean on to talk things out. A pick me up person:) always love unconditional don't judge others! I love My baby sister❤


Remember the good old days…

Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day? But we figured it out. Walked to the side pulled the swing away from the puddle and jumped on it. Getting off with dry feet was the next problem. But we didn't care.

I hope you feel beautiful today. #quotes

I hope you feel beautiful today. yes i hope every girl will read this today!

To think of you is to smile. Who makes you smile? Who's smiling at you? Be sure to pass on smiles to someone today.... Be kind to as many people as possible. #bekind

The endless thoughts of you bring a smile to my face whenever I do anything for you, looking for you, thinking of you. I do with a smile because it makes me happy. Making you happy makes me happy. Knowing you're happy makes me happy.