Bible = The written Word of God = The Living Word of God = Jesus Christ (He still speaks! ) Learn to hear His Voice by asking His Holy Spirit to take you through His Word. Then you can learn to get a fresh word from His Lips to your ears anytime you want!

Check out this graphic for more translations and pick your favorite-three combo.

Mar 6 The W.O.R.D Bible Study Method

Resources, Printables, and More OH MY! It's time to dig deeper into THE WORD! I developed the W.O.R.D as a comprehensive study method to deepen our understanding of The Bible. Pin or Bookmark to easily access during your Bible Study.

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Scripture Doodle Art of the Lord lifting our weight from us and giving us strength greeting card of encouragement bible verse 2 Timothy

Bible Journaling inspiration. Must remember. Bible Journalling. I love this! I've got my husband's wide margin Bible. Leave behind a legacy of verses that speak to you for your children and grandchildren.

You own a business right? Are you in the office Of course not… you’d be dead in 6 months. So you have an outgoing message that says something like this: “Hello. You have…

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This is awesome :) Acts - At midnight, Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God. In jail, at midnight,and in horrible conditions they were praising God. Also from psalm "you have freed me from my chains"

Created by: Diane Scott - Bible Journaling, Bible Art Journaling,--- What are you remembering or thinking when you see a lovely rainbow?

Psalm The Lord is my light and my salvation -- whom shall I fear (lighhouse)