This is an awesome video prank where NBA star Kyrie Irving dresses as an old man and goes to a street basketball game, stunning everyone there at how well the old man can play. It was very well executed. Be sure to repin!

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Basketball isn't just about bright lights, packed arenas, and highlight reels. Basketball is a way of life. Basketball is a relationship between you and the ball, you and your teammates. If you love the game, nobody can take that from you.

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you don't know the meaning of having "zero energy' until you've survived a hard workout of swim<< puhlease swimming isnt that hard. ATLEAST YOU GET TO TAKE WATER BREAKS. WE SOCCER PLAYERS GET LIKE A MINUTE EVERY HOUR. Get on my leval

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Ladies Silver with Black & Orange Iced Out Basketball Pendant with an 18 Inch Snake Franco Chain Necklace JOTW. $4.95. This necklace measures 18 inches.. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!. This pendant measures .75 inches from left to right and 1 inch from top to bottom.. Great Quality Jewelry!. Made in Korea!

Only my bruises are from getting into fights. They ARE my trophies! They remind me that no matter how sore I am , I am always ready to get back in the ring! You can't beat a person who refuses to give up!


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