patterns- classic- sharp- i love it!

Black pinstriped suit and vest, black and white striped shirt, polka dot tie (swap for solid)


RayBan sunglasses outlet ,deep discount , top quality,always perfect with any simple outfit you get these ,you will never go out of style

red trousers #hott

Not sure I know anyone cool enough to wear red trousers! :-) (I own red trousers and I wear them frequently naysayer!

Jacket, vest, watch combo= irresistible

"Some women like to look at pictures of half-naked men with sculpted abs and biceps.I'll take a man in a fitted three-piece suit any day of the week, thank you very much." I vote for both - men with sculpted abs in suits ;

simple yet cool men's style: chambray shirt, taupe jacket, tan slacks and a casual tie. Nice mix of neutrals and the tie bar and pocket square add a modern touch

It's meeting Monday /   just my neck decorated /   they are all jealous #tie #knot #trinity

Trinity tie knot for the groom/groomsmen to wear at the wedding

Had to pin this since with the Orange knit tie + textured greys, men's style, fall fashion

oh yesss

"southern boys Okay. When did this become the ideal southern boy? Yeah he's hot but when I think of southern boy I want my man in camo and boots!

I like the light blue with the green

Great idea for summer party outfit or a date during summer. Or just casual summer outfit, works for everything