So does that make Steve Lilo? Now I need to see an image of Captain America in a Hawaiian dress.

(Stitch from Lilo & Stitch - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier from Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

A comic of a story told by Thor in the movie Thor Ragnarok

“One day when we were kids, Loki turned himself into a snake, he knows I love snakes. So I picked it up to admire it, then he changed back into himself. He yelled “BLARGH ITS ME” and stabbed me”- Thor Ragnarok 2017

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Loki :( punching me in the face would have hurt much less than this <--- I KNOOOOWWWW, RIGHT?<<<Guys, he's just being manipulative so Thor doesn't destroy the Bifrost. Loki wants to use it to destroy Jotunheim.

For what was supposedly SUPPOSED to be he darkest movie of all the Thor Movies, this was too funny.

Loki: crap no. I don't have any idea who these nut jobs are.

Loki: I have to get off this planet! Loki after Thor gets smashed by Hulk: Yes! Now you know how it feels!

I cried

Everyone's going on about Steve being hurt because of Bucky and he's fighting literally everyone, which I totally agree with, but more people need to realize that Steve isn't the only one who's suffering.

avengersiconbee400.gif 400×400 pixels >> THIS IS EVERYTHING I'VE EVER WANTED

HilAAARious Superheroes: 'Venger 'Venger Hulk Click this to watch the whole animation thingy.the picture isn't the whole thing.

the best thing about this is that the line is literally gold. the text is gold colored

It was at that moment I was sure that Tony designed the car system for Fury like just look at all that sass Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

He raises his chin to acknowledge the fact that he is, in fact, the more superior of the predators.

The monster parents tell their children about at night indeed. Loki can most definitely be considered one of the most dangerous, deadly, terrifying beings in the 9 realms. <--this is why I prefer Loki. He has brains instead of just brawn like Thor.

Well thanks Bruce. If I could be hurt enough...

"I got low. So I put a bullet in my mouth, and the other guy spit it back out!" and I swear that was the moment my heart broke and I fell in love with Banner. I cannot my heart is dead