Charlie is the main character of the story. He isn't a typical highschool boy. He only has one pal, but he comitted suicide in spring. After this, Charlie has many questions, but no answers. He looks for help so he can process everything.

(Open RP. I need the boy. Im the girl and her name is Ariel) We had been on what we thought was the best date ever, but now she was in the hospital fighting for her life. A nurse finally came and told me I could go see her. I walk in and hold he hand.

Unusual packaging design really stands out on a shelf as customers want to know more about the product other than the unusual design. This is a cigarette box made in the shape of a coffin which is a very clever idea. However could put some people off.

My friend's been looking for a boyfriend and I finally found someone who has a lot of the same interests as him and I think he'd really like him, but he likes someone else already :))))))