He had never seen a smile so sad until he looked at Nix. This little girl, barely a teenager, was supposed to save this world. But how could the fates expect a broken child to save their bloody asses?

I write horror. I love horror, movies, comics and novels. I mainly write comics but also films, novels and video-games. My first love is punk. I'm all about DIY and creator-owned. It is time for a revolution. None of the images I post are mine, unless...

A Series of Unfortunate Events......"There are places even I can no longer go, and I feel you have moved to those places. forever gone from me"

Emphasis: The darkness pools at the head, emphasizing a mental struggle. The faded wisps around the head add to the chaos.

"I think you and Prince would make a cute couple, like seriously. He totally likes you." "Really..? I don't believe you, you snake." "You're literally the only person I like on this planet. I wouldn't. Bunny's promise."