"Then don't be," she spat, eyes hard as chiseled rock. Go home and be safe. We don't need you here.


We used to go up to my Grandmas cabin on Lake George, and a moose would swim across the lake every evening.

"Oooh, what do you think?" "I think the guy's a televangelist looking for viewers." "Dean, come on-" "Aw, hell, Annie.

(Open, King Liam) The King had just finished having dinner with the rest of the Royal family, and any Selected that had wished to join them. Everyone else had left the room, but he stayed, sipping his wine and thinking to himself.


31 Days of Halloween-Day 15 “Do you people think you can just go on tricking me forever?” Carrie Directed by Brian De Palma


I am now free of the chains of believing in this mythological creature and the irrational fears those beliefs generated. This freedom makes me smile and feel happy, like Satan, with my progress =D XD