I found this WAY too funny

Ladies and gentlemen, Neil Patrick Harris

Oh, drunk people. I think I love Ryan Gosling a little more for this right here lolz

If Celebrities moved to Oklahoma...you've GOT to click through these! I can't stop crying!! Tom cruise is the best!!!

now i love oklahoma, but this is so funny.If Celebrities moved to Oklahoma.click through this. really, really, well done photoshop work.

Where the map be? CAN'T DEAL

Dorquisha the explorer. Yo, where dat map be? I literally just laughed for 10 minutes, my stomach hurts Burck you need to see this, you will die. I seriously can't stop laughing.

101 behind the scenes photos from famous movies. Alan Rickman laughing with the Gryffindor kids, love it!

95+ Amazing Behind the Scenes Photos from Iconic Movies

In Pics: Gene Wilder and Peter Ostrum on the set of Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, 1971

She doesn't even go here.

Alabama QB AJ McCarron's girlfriend/Miss Alabama Katherine Webb who is an Auburn alum. This is too funny.

Some dads are just not funny.

15 Parents Who Haven't Got the Hang of this Texting Thing Yet - Parents and technology don't always work well together, but when they do, magic happens. Here's a list of 15 hilarious texts from parents who are totally nailing this parenting thing.

The address! It exists! NO WAY!

Its real. holy bologna, where are you going on vacation? 42 wallaby way sydney. Why are you u going to 42 wallaby way sydney? I'll tell you why I'm going to 42 wallaby way sydney. I'm going to the dentists.

She is a freaking Disney princess.

Funny pictures about Jennifer Lawrence as cartoon characters. Oh, and cool pics about Jennifer Lawrence as cartoon characters. Also, Jennifer Lawrence as cartoon characters.


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide your husbands cuz they rapin everybod

hahaha i loved that's so raven.

hahaha i loved that's so raven. Stupid media made her not Raven. I hope she acts the same and her personality didn't change.

He is real!

Look, What We Have Found! - "Carl", The Old Man From The Movie "UP" Exists In Real Life too! Here's Carl! Complete with his cartoon counterpart!

I love thats so raven!!:)

I love that's so raven! A sauce angel? Of all the angels u could be u decided to be a sauce angel, u couldn't be a snow angel.

The 23 Best Ways To Handle A Text From The Wrong Number

The 18 Best Ways To Handle A Text From The Wrong Number

No, no, I think you've got this number JUUUUST right. View "Here Are the 16 Most Hilarious Ways To Respond To A Wrong Number Text" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor