Jennifer Lawrence idol.

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence…

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence. I love her! you know, normal. I love how she knows she's famous but acts like she is just like everyone else and how she REALLY cares about what young girls are going to be like when we grow up.

Let’s trade wardrobes and call it even (27 photos)

DSLR phone

Olloclip Iphone Slip On Lens - Wide, Fish Eye, Close Up.Great Idea for a gift~

I knew I should've used static guard in my last bath!~W fluffy cat photo by Dan Burn-Forti.

Vintage 1950's Dresses

Gorgeous vintage-style dress, the arch of blue flowers is a great idea, and the whole thing is just stunning.

boho bedroom

Bohemian style bedroom could be the most appropriate alternative to realize your dream space. Here 31 pictures of stunning bohemian style interior bedroom.


my brain has too many tabs open, SO TRUE. I also most of the time have a lot of tabs open as well, lol.


It is such a simple and beautiful wedding gown. I wouldn't mind wearing it on a daily basis. So simple and free feeling~ Future wedding dress?