LOVE LOVE LOVE. No nice clothes, I'll just wear my ripped jeans!! Take photos that REALLY resemble he and I. That way I'm not stuck with photos I don't even like! Then they're real! Doing things we love. Hammocking, camping, watching movies, cooking,


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These are all women I personally find VERY attractive! I have a thing for Redheads and Freckles in particular! I try and post everyday but I do not post a lot each day. QUALITY over QUANTITY! Enjoy. NSFW - Only Most images are reposts from Tumblr.

"Boys become kings, girls will be queens. Wrapped in Your majesty. When we love, when we love the least of these. Then they will be, brave and FREE shout your name in VICTORY! When we love, when love the least of these! Kings and Queens- Audio Adrenaline.

Before the wedding, we must talk engagement, and with that engagement comes engagement photos. With so many ideas out there, it's difficult to decide what idea


The science of predicting blasts has taken big leaps since the eruption of Mount St. Helens 30 years ago with unmanned drones, "smart spiders" and more — but many of the volcanoes near us still are inadequately monitored.

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