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arched window treatment hardware - not sure how the rings are staying in place....I would assume there is a pin/nub holding each ring in place

curtains with curved panels arched window treatments : Stunning Arched Window Treatments. arch window treatment options,arched window blinds,arched window treatment designs,arched window treatments ideas,blinds for arched windows

closet nook - if I ever had a girl, I would go this route for "princess" but what a pain to make the bed!

Alcove beds are a fabulous concept for saving space in your home design. They are inviting and fun and creates a very intimate space to curl up and enjoy! intimate spaces within the room

Mossy frog paludarium

This is my mossy frog paludarium. It is a tank with a false bottom and background.

large river paludarium

1700 gallon Stingray Aquarium and Poison dart frog Vivarium