sounds familiar

Funny how kids are always very select when it comes to finding things! This is my daughter

Hahaha yes!

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "I'm not a ride or die chick, I have questions Where are we riding to? Why do I have to die? Can we get food on the way?

Welcome to my life

Life of a college kid…

Funny pictures about The Life Of A College Kid. Oh, and cool pics about The Life Of A College Kid. Also, The Life Of A College Kid photos.

High School: a summary

"High School: a summary. it looks like they are crying, but actually jasmine and snowwhite are just hardcore sleeping because junior year you learn to fall asleep everywhere and all the time…" hahahaha this is hilarious

Someone posted a whisper in the group Really random thoughts, which reads "If you see someone buying candy, popcorn and soda at the movies. They are a drug dealer. There is no other explanation for that type of income.


Tired of yelling to get your kids attention? Use the bathroom, make a phone call, relax on the couch, open a chocolate bar.

High Schooler Is #SorryNotSorry After Getting In Trouble For Wearing Leggings To School

High Schooler Is #SorryNotSorry For Wearing Leggings To School