Bobby pins on a magnetic strip! I wish I had thought of this before!

Love this idea! Magnetic strip: bobby pin saver inside the drawer. why have I never thought of this? bobby pins are attacking the house.

Bath Sundae. So easy to make, and a really cute gift idea!!

gift ideas Different take on diaper cakes Cute gift tags Bath Sundae. So easy to make, and a really cute gift idea! I like the added idea of.

A spice rack for the desk

The 12 Best Clutter Cures

50 Genius Storage Ideas ~ Use a spice rack to store small craft and office supplies! Repurpose an old spice rack & put small kitchen or office items in each.

Pool pillows - Must have.

Funny pictures about Pool pillows: enjoying summer like a boss. Oh, and cool pics about Pool pillows: enjoying summer like a boss. Also, Pool pillows: enjoying summer like a boss.

DIY Key Holder - I'd choose a different font and color scheme, but I like the idea.

Mountain inspired DIY gift tag ideas ~ get creative with old surf magazines too! picture frame key holder DIY Wall art- 12 Cool Ideas for Su.

The Sharpener that all the teachers are talking about. It was even made by a teacher...may have to get this one.

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Meet the Pencil Police and Your New Best Friend. I love this. I went through 5 pencil sharpeners last year and I could never figure out who kept breaking them.

Dave Ramsey ish

Great system to teach kids basic money responsibilities. Every chore they help with they have 3 jars to disperse the money. Giving, saving, spending. Then each week they can choose to spend their spending jar.

dave ramsey money envelopes

DIY Fabric Money Envelopes Tutorial - for budgeting the Dave Ramsey way. ***need to look into the Dave Ramsey thing !

Snowman chocolate bar covers.

Wrap a full sized chocolate bar with white wrapping paper and draw on the faces. For the earmuffs, use a black pipe cleaner and pom poms. Use buttons or black puffy paint and a cute ribbon and tag to complete the look. Really cute idea!