You’ll pay for it | 35 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Reevaluate Your Entire Existence

35 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Reevaluate Your Entire Existence

10 Yard Sale Tips - Read the comments for even more tips! I'll be using some of these at my next yard sale for sure!

10 Yard Sale Tips {To Have An Amazing Yard Sale!}

Putting Tums on a painful mouth ulcer will cause it to go away in a matter of hours. 1000 Life Hacks

1000 Life Hacks

How To Naturally Get Rid of Canker Sores In Minutes With No Medicine! - Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

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Dad v. The Muppets ~ Dad v. Autism

Dad v. The Muppets ~ Dad v. Autism

So... A tiny dinosaur who is pretending to be a turtle by wearing an acorn cap as a shell? Is that what this is? Whatever it is, I am in love.

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If Your Food Told the Truth, Here's What They Would Say

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That is so true and makes me giggle, lol....Funny Confession Ecard: The only thing I hate more than having a dirty house is cleaning.

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Once a species becomes extinct, it is gone forever.

The World's Most Endangered Species |

47 things you need to know when you own a home

47 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership

Upside-Down Beer Glass

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I have that

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No-electricity lightbulb?!

Water Bulb - 9GAG

Why did none of my teachers tell me this?

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The Magical Chicken Tunnel. They are not magical, but it has a nice ring to it... It is a mesh wire tunnel about 35cm high & 30cm wide through which the chickens can dart back & forth between certain garden areas.

VEG Design Solutions - Part Two - Very Edible Gardens

Baby animals galore.

All the time!!!

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Funny rotten ecard -

Diet is not an option...


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Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer ♥

Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer | zulily

I have found my favorite sunflower!!!! I'm going to try to grow some of these this year!! Pompom Sunflower

Teddy bear Sunflowers | A1 Pictures

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33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Okay, let's use a really warm spoon or you're going to need a I've been burned hack

1000 Life Hacks


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