Homemade Musical Instruments

A collection of DIY homemade musical instrument tutorials from around the web.
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The bodhrán is a circular wood frame drum from Ireland used in traditional Celtic music. Make your own Bodhrán frame drum from household materials!

Homemade Bodhrán


DIY Musical Instruments for Kids: Pan Flute Made From Straws

The Super Fly, Backseat Family Band


Rain Sticks - DIY recycled / upcycled craft idea for an older toddler or preschooler. Music you can make! Kids also learn fine motor skills, responsibility, South American culture and music / rhythm / percussion. ~ Danya Banya

DIY Rain Sticks - Danya Banya


How to make an easy kazoo. Fun and easy craft for kids. www.thejoysofboys.com

How to Make a Kazoo - The Joys of Boys


M is for Music: Preschool Lesson Plan - Make homemade maracas from spoons, tape, egg, and rice! fun homemade musical instrument

M is for Music: Preschool Lesson Plan - What's up Fagans?


DIY musical strummies | Teach Preschool. This goes well with the book, Noisy Night.

DIY musical strummies


Homemade Harmonica- I've actually made these with preschoolers before and they're loads of fun.

Making Music - Homemade Harmonica


Music Ideas for Summer Fun {After School Link Up Party} The Educators' Spin On It . Tips for Exploring Music with Kids using DIY Instruments indoors and outdoors!

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Learn how to make oboes from straws! homemade musical instrument

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DIY recycled outdoor music station for kids that's temporary and only takes 10 minutes to set up from And Next Comes L

DIY Recycled Outdoor Music Station


Our Top 5 Outdoor Musical Activities with Children from For the Children

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Make your own homemade musical instruments out of stuff from around the house/in the recycling bin!

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Homemade Musical Instruments. Explore Sound with your own musical instrument. This is so simple to make!

Exploring Sound with DIY Instruments - Hand Made Kids Art


homemade musical instrument - Cardboard and popsicle stick kalimba by lullatone

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Musical instrument made with drinking straws, creative plastic #recycling #craft for #kids

20 Plastic Recycling Ideas and Simple Recycled Crafts for Kids


Bubble Wrap Printing - Making Corn Shakers - homemade musical instrument

Music Craft for Kids – Making Corn Shakers


cute alligator castanets or noisemakers you can make at home from bottlecaps and cardboard -

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DIY "fall" maracas made with autumn leaves - Homemade musical instrument idea easy for kids to make!

DIY "Fall" Maracas -- UPcycle, Music + Science, too! #Kinderchat


How to make a The Water Xylophone - easy DIY musical instrument

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Homemade musical instrument - percussion - cute little jingle shaker made from washers!

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#DIY musical instrument - tambourine!

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Building and Playing Pan Pipes by Phil & Sarah Tulga - great homemade musical instrument for older kids

Building and Playing Pan Pipes by Phil & Sarah Tulga


Homemade xylophone craft! great homemade musical instrument idea for kids

Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids - In Lieu of Preschool


Rain Sticks Drums - Interactive Lesson Plan on Native American Music with 2 Craft Projects: For Elementary and Middle School Children

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DIY Craft Stick Piano. This homemade instrument comes together in 5 minutes and guarantees an hour of musical enjoyment for kids of all ages!

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: DIY Craft Stick Piano