Make it in Spanish.

People Bingo - Whole group activity - The kids have to find someone different to sign in each box and when they have a signature in every box they call out, "Bingo!" yESSSS people bingo, make those kids talk at each other

Additional page: Spanish Times and Dates, lesson plans, and activities all for the spanish teacher.

Telling time in Spanish: Spanish times and dates. The website explains structures for times and dates in Spanish.

I LOVE this about Spanish

Palabras Compuestas Poster

Anchor chart for compound words in Spanish. I used this in my Kinder Dual Language class to introduce compound words. We played a matching game with compound words later ("I Have/Who Has"). Would be a good anchor chart for bilingual or dual language or

A 33-page pack of posters about the writing process plus types of writing in spanish.

Writing Process in Spanish / El proceso de escritura

Proceso de escritura: A pack of posters about the writing process plus types of writing in spanish. Bilingual and dual language classrooms

Books and Activities for Elementary School to Learn About Mexico

Read and Learn About Mexico

Mexico books and activities for kids - from preschool age to upper elementary school. Suitable for a Mexico unit study or for celebrating Cinqo de Mayo, Hispanic heritage, or Day of the Dead with kids.

Spanish Reader - what a find!

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Things you should know about Mexico. I like how this dis-spells some of the common stereotypes people have about Mexico still.


"According to WHO* the Mexican improved water supply on urban areas has adequate sanitation, so don't worry on drinking out of the sink." Lol makes sense why nothing happened to us when we drank out of the mangera