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Love that Evil Look

Love that Evil Look

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lunaeaeternus: “ BLOWING LEAVES Listen to the witches’ call, The ancient sabbath is coming… ¡Blessed Samhain! by: Victoria Frances ”

Articles similaires à Souris de taxidermie faux blanc en dôme de verre sur Etsy

Glass dome containing three hand-stitched cushions, handmade wooden ladder, and a very sleepy handmade faux-fur stuffed mouse, with leather paws and

This is more the three fates spinning a life than the lable of Lucifer Before Sunrise.

Lyndie Dourthe: Antique Garden (suite)

slowartday: “ Lyndie Dourthe ” Because living terrariums with their impressive lifespans still don’t offer the security of near-permanence, this batch is composed of faux flowers;