Inspirational Quotes: Love me when I least deserve it because that is when I need it the most


Family isn't always blood vinyl wall decal. I want this in my house, probably just as you walk in the door, though it'd work in the family room or kitchen, where everyone eventually goes anyways.

Hahaha! This totally describes my husband:)

I always remind my husband that we have only lived in the house for 10 years. Funny, I thought it was just my husband. Turns out maybe he isn't that unique.

So true

This is so true! I have had so many different friends my whole life but there's one true friend who I've only known for 5 yrs and she's truly my best friend.she's never left my side! Thanks "JESSICA" for our wonderful friendship!


❤ So lucky ❤ Jeremy you have awakened my my ❤ baby! I'm so happy I get to walk in life with you. You are amazing!