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Good to know ツ

Good to know ツ

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I Got Cool As A Cucumber – Less than 10% OCD!! You’re just going with the flow, huh? Must be a nice life. Grass a little too long? Hair a little out of place? No big deal. Alphabetical order? Who cares? Life’s too short to worry about that stuff, right? Kudos to you for worrying about the “big picture”, but you probably should make your bed. Where do you think your friends stack up on the OCD meter? Share this quiz and let’s see where they’re at!

I got Cool As A Cucumber – Less than 10% OCD! How OCD Are You?

sliced pineapple

8 Perfect Fitness Foods | Eat This Not That

Scramboiled egg? Interesting!

This Man Makes Scrambled Eggs Inside Their Shell - Daily Megabyte

How To Quickly Make A Heater With Just Candles And Plant Pots

How To Quickly Make A Heater With Just Candles And Plant Pots

Perfect rice, every time! I can't believe it took me so long to figure this out.

How to Cook Perfect Rice - The Wanderlust Kitchen

Organizing ideas

21 Amazing Ideas for Organizing Your Home

40 amazing uses for lemon peel. I love lemon sooooooo much, you could also use lemon juice to lighten your hair.

Too many margaritas? Add a little basil to your next meal for a quick and easy detox |

Inside-out cleanser - The Sweet Benefits of Basil -

The 15 Punctuation Marks in Order of Difficulty

The 15 Punctuation Marks in Order of Difficulty

Cooking Measurements

Guilty pleasures…

Genius! Costco saving tips: This guy discovered secret codes at Costco to save you more money

Send a holiday sard to our troops.!

This is the best secret I have found for serving pasta to a crowd!

Freeze small pieces of fruit, such as cucumber, lemons and limes and it's another way to naturally flavor your water.

Apple iOS7 Tips and Tricks

Slicing watermelon to cubes

NEW BAKING TRICK: When you need softened butter - grate the butter while it is still hard, then mix with other ingredients as normal. It will soften quickly and perfectly and give an even dispersal of butter throughout the dough.

Good to know!

Naked Juice class action suit...if you have ever purchased Naked Juice, check it out! Repin!

Homemade Fruit Fly Trap

You've been storing peanut butter the wrong way...and other life hacks! Who knew! 😉

31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money!

Know Your Wine

Don't cry over spilled nail polish. how to get nail polish out of clothes, carpets etc. I'm probably going to need this