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Requirements: Candy Canes cardboard black marker Scotch tape Directions: 1. Cut two circles from the cardboard. 2. Write on one of the butt

"Candy Cane Christmas Wreath" - easy wreath made of candy canes to 2 circles of cardboard, laying then hotgluing to first circle. Then, glue second on top of finished wreath w/Christmas message! Kids can make theirs from mini-canes for xmas project!

Jingle All The Way: A very sparkly and jingly decor item for your Christmas holidays. Made with vinyl cut on the Silhouette Cameo or you could print it on a transparency.

Tutorial on how to make this adorable "jingle all the way" framed picture with or without a vinyl cutting machine. Start the first Christmas as a married couple and add a bell each year! Red bells for the year you had a baby.

Christmas Hacks (making life easier) - Make a fireplace with cardboard boxes.

How to Make a Cardboard Christmas Fireplace. Create a mock fireplace for Santa to come down from cardboard Boxes. This cardboard fireplace can also serve as a focal point to hang Christmas stockings on and for holiday decoration.

This is an easy homemade orange body scrub diy!!!                     Ingredients  1cup granulated sugar  1tsp pure honey 1/4 olive oil 2tsp fresh citrus zest ( I used the zest of an orange)                      Directions  Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until you get the mixture how you like it. When you are done keep the body scrub in an air tight container the mixture usually lasts for a couple of weeks.                    Thank you,                         Enjoy, maggie

lovesome: make it yourself: honey citrus sugar scrub 1 cup granulated or raw sugar 1 tsp pure honey cup olive oil 2 tsp fresh citrus zest (i used the zest of an orange)

salt scrub

Paula Deen’s Citrus Salt Body Scrub ~~~> I just made this and used it on my feet. It’s FABULOUS! Paula Deen’s Citrus Salt Body Scrub ~~~> I just made this and used it on my feet. It’s FABULOUS! was last modified: February 2013 by thebeautythesis