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* GRADE A * Scuba Dive In The Great Barrier Reef. Amazing to check off of a bucket list. Just make sure you go during their summer. If you go during their winter, you will miss out on most of the plantlife colors

Change Someone's Life Bucket List - In any way, whoever it is, I want to change someones life for the better.

bucket list: hug a penguin

bucket list: hug a penguin. That would make my life! I love penguins like none other

before I die..

Waterfalls :: Beauchamp Falls Great Otway national park, Victoria, Australia amazing mother nature top of the world

Love her

I have wanted to see Ellen for years.I just received a phone call tonight telling me that I won 2 tickets to one of the 12 days of giveaways! I am so beside myself with excitement; I was crying on the phone! I love you Ellen! Thank you so much!

before I die..

Set foot on all 7 continents except Antarctica - have been to Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australia. So now I only need to visit South America!

bucket list

Haha this matches the one I just pinned! I want to learn to play piano or guitar so I can put music to my writing and create a song. I've started learning guitar already!

More ideas
I hope this happens soon.

Bucketlist: have a dog for its entire life. We got Sushi and Waffles as puppies so not quite their entire life.

Working on this....but my hair grow sooooooooooo slow

I am starting to grow my hair out now. I am 13 years old and my hair is only at the end of my shoulder blades. I can't wait until my hair gets really long and then I will cut it to my shoulder blades again. OR if it gets past 10 inches, I could donate it.

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We had a 5 minute helicopter ride lifting us out of the Grand Canyon after our rafting tour, but I would like to ride one for longer. Take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon next time maybe.

and check to see if we can find the underworld from Persey Jackson there

Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' - this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'

dream date!

Camp out in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere - Things to do before I die - Bucket List

Hot Air Balloon.

I want to take a road trip to New Mexico for the hot air balloon festival someday!

supreme bucket list

i wish people wrote letters. i love letters. someone write me a letter. and send it by snail mail.

definately not alone! I'd be bored out of my mind..

Go on a road trip with friends. But there's always a need for more road trips with friends.

Visit all 50 states. Only 14 left!

i've done a lot! my goal is to get a keychain from all 50 states!

This makes me cry. I danced with my dad at my wedding to the wrong man. He never lived to dance with me at my wedding to Mr. To this day I get chocked up when all brides dance with their dad