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    •it wants to eat your young•

    So tender.

    •it wants to eat your young•

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    grimace eats child

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    all baby photo shoots should have a werebear in the background

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    FFFFOUND! | (5) Tumblr

    Quiet! I am hunting marshmallow.

    A baby and his best friend


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    This apple is warm.

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    This one tastes of strawberries.

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    30 funny pics with kids

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    When this ice melts I shall feast.

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    • Eleanor Lovell
      Eleanor Lovell

      Ha! Love it

    So trusting. And yet, all that separates us is this thin pane of glass and my restraint.

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    Camel nom nom nom. (Good eye, Kristina Stonehill.)

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    Prince Charles wants sweeties.

    Jon Stefani on Twitter

    Delicious nougatty center.

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    Baby tasting.

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    With their combined weight, Puppies will subsume Baby.

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    "Just a moment, just one moment, just another moment of nursery," they wailed. "Oh, George," said the wife, "it can't hurt."

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    The boy smells of croissant and chocolate milk.

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    Polar Bear wants to eat your young.

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    Cat regrets allowing the baby so much time to gather strength.

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    Baby tastes of peanut butter and raspberry jam.

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    Bear is not fooled by your ruse. Bear knows you to be delicious.

    18 of the Most Important Meetings of All Time

    The whale is coming to eat your young.

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    • Mighty Girl (Maggie Mason)
      Mighty Girl (Maggie Mason)


    • Mary Miller
      Mary Miller

      Stop it!!!

    • Amy DeLoye
      Amy DeLoye


    • Hanna Andersson
      Hanna Andersson

      This is our new favorite board haha! Too hilarious.

    • Kristina Stonehill
      Kristina Stonehill Can't send you a pin, but here's a good one

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