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little tiny animals on fingertips

little tiny animals on fingertips

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Baby sea turtle hatching.

Baby Sea Turtle

This tiny gem-like object is an actual living creature called a Blue Dragon Nudibranch, a kind of sea slug.

This species is called Comostola laesaria and adults only grow to have a wingspan of 20 mm.

  • Katie Pitts
    Katie Pitts


Baby Puffer Fish

The Baton Blue Butterfly, with wingspan no longer than a thumbnail and range of only 100m, is the world's smallest butterfly and is found only on and around Mt Sinai and depends on a single species of plant, the Sinai Thyme, for its life cycle. In turn, the Sinai Thyme can only survive under certain conditions of temperature and humidity and is now restricted to a few isolated patches above 1500 m and is also threatened by grazing goat herds. by wilderness-ventures-egypt.

The Baton Blue Butterfly

Gah! I'm feeling a little Of Mice and Men.

He won't stop talking about my car insurance.

Tiny Animals on Fingers

Snack-size turtle poppers.

Yeah, he's a prince, but he's got a major Napoleon complex.

Tiny Animals on Fingers

Eat the apple already, I'm aDORable.

Tiny Animals on Fingers

Biomass is on his side.

Tiny Animals on Fingers