watercolor citrus-love this

Have students observe the details in cut citrus, draw with pen or sharpie, paint in watercolor. exploration of color balance, too!


Yarn spools (would look great printed and framed on a craft or sewing room wall!) Yet another piece of art for my future craft room.


Painted Sand Dollars - a fun summer activity! Perfect for that big bag of sand dollars they brought home from Santa Cruz.

hole  by Jean Alexander Frater

Stacked Dots by Jean Alexander Frater. Acrylic paint on canvas. Hole, Acrylic paint on canvas. From the series of dot paintings, begun in


Spheres - circles - dots - orbs and spots used in design Art Print, Felicity/Composition Black and White Ink Drawing, by PhilipSimmons

yayoi kusama

Yayoi Kusama The Galaxy, 1994 Acrylic on canvas 117 x 91 cm

by Holger Lippmann

packing hacking 012 bas-relief, 3 layers of 4 mm plywood generative processing work, realized with laser cutting tech

Unusual bathroom tile

bubble tile backsplash, yes please! taylorleylor bubble tile backsplash, yes please! bubble tile backsplash, yes please!