Wild Edibles

Wild Edibles

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Elderberry Liqueur


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Harvesting wild elderberries


We'll be picking wild elderberries soon, and after we get them off the stems we'll need to cook with them or preserve them. This article is about preserving them for later.

11 Must-try ways to preserve elderberries


Natural recipes: Elderberry honey syrup (fights colds, flus, coughs, respiratory infections)

Natural recipes: Elderberry honey syrup


25 Fantastic foraging groups and pages on Facebook


Use up your elderberries by making #Elderberry #Wine with our easy #recipe at @brewbitz #homebrew shop http://www.brewbitz.com/t-Recipe-Elderberry-Wine.aspx

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wild grape leaves (info and recipe)

Wild Grape Leaves


Making sumac spice

All About Sumac


Detailed list of where lots of our apples were gathered one month, how they taste and how we'll use them. Even if a variety of apple doesn't taste great fresh, you can mix and match with other varieties for great applesauce and hard cider.

Apple foraging in action



When is a weed not a weed? When it's purslane!


Finding next year's asparagus-- now is the time to spot it and make note of where it is for spring!

Finding next year's asparagus


Foraging Sea Salt- who would have thought you could do this. awesome!

Foraging Sea Salt


11 great foods to forage with kids

11 Ways to go foraging with your children


Dandelion syrup

Dandelion syrup - sunshine in a jar!


So easy and works so well. This is how we have enough fruit pickers for all of the kids. :)

Making your own fruit picker


Harvesting Cattail pollen... "Take a plastic bag and a pair of scissors into the cattail stand. Carefully bend the flower into the bag, and cut it off. Collect as many pollen-loaded flower heads as you can. Take them home, and let them sit undisturbed for a day. Then carefully shake them out inside the bag. This method yields far more pollen than shaking in the field."

Hunger and Thirst: Wild About - Cattail Pollen


We love baby milkweed pods battered and fried! I dip them in a seasoned GF batter and then fry them in a little oil in a cast iron pan until golden and crispy on the outside. The inside sort of melts like a cheese popper inside. Only go for the little ones (under 2 inches) and leave lots to mature and go to seed.

A NEW favorite wild edible: green milkweed seed pods!


homemade crab apple juice

Easy crab apple cider


Lots of recipes to use wild plums... Recipes to preserve them and in snacks, desserts, spreads, condiments and alcoholic drinks.

Making use of wild plums


How to find apples, plums, pears, etc. on deserted homesteads in state/county parks and other not quite wild places...

Feral foraging: not-quite-wild fruit


How to find wild plum trees

The wily wild plum


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Finding the elusive elderberry


Raw, galinsoga tastes like pea greens. Cooked, it is spinachy, chardy, collardy, a sop for sauce and very similar in texture to the two plants that follow (use interchangeably in cooking). Use the leaves, and discard any fibrous stems. Wilt galinsoga greens as a side for every summer thing, from fire-cooked steaks to garlicky grilled chicken. Their light sweetness invites a dressing of soy, lime juice and sesame oil. Heat them with a little butter and top with a soft-cooked egg for breakfast.

In Summer, These 3 Edibles Are Wildly Abundant