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Do you have old flower pots sitting around the yard with dead plants in them or old tired looking soil and don’t want to throw the pot away? Here’s how to reuse your old gardening pots.

How To Reuse Your Old Gardening Pots - Sarah Titus

How to Start Seeds for a Gorgeous Garden, FlowerPatchFarmho...

How to Start Seeds for a Beautiful Garden - Flower Patch Farmhouse

Attracting Beneficial Insects with Flowers Insect populations change during the growing season, as do the plants that attract them. One of the goals of working with insectary plants is to have new things coming into bloom as others fail, so that beneficials always have a dependable supply of nectar and pollen.

Growing Plants to Attract Beneficial Insects

Use Banana Peels as Fertilizer for Blueberry Bushes, I put them into my kitchen blender and right to the soil by the plant

Can I Use Banana Peels as Fertilizer for Blueberry Bushes? | eHow

It's hard to believe that our thoughts should turn towards any gardening now, but if you want to save a lot of money on your garden this year, start your seeds indoors. Easy tips. #gardening

How to Start Seeds, Starting Seeds Indoors, Seed Starting Trays

If you live near a farm, orchard or animal barn you most definitely have seen this weed. I love to gather several large leaves, mince them into tiny pieces and sprinkle them over my dinner

Mallow: Eat Your Healing Weeds - Living Awareness

The ultimate guide to growing amazing tomatoes!

Tomatoes and their need for water

Cut-and-Come-Again Lettuce - varieties of lettuce you can cut, and that will grow back (like grass)

Cut-and-Come-Again Lettuce Sampler - Vegetable Gardener

Shannon’s Homemade Monster Tomato Fertilizer recipe2-3 dozen crush egg shells 2 cups bone meal 1/2 cup Epsom salts 14 crushed aspirin (a natural rooting hormone!)You’re going to need about 1/4 cup of the mix at the bottom of the new hole

Shannon’s Homemade Monster Tomato Fertilizer Recipe

Raspberry trellis using hog fencing.

High-Yield Strawberry Production --If you want lots of good-sized berries, pinch off all flowers/fruit the first flowering season of NEW plants. This puts all the energy into the root system and the plant will get huge. Also, clip the runners every week throughout the growing season so the energy goes into fruit production and not making more baby plants ("daughters"). Keep the soil acid, fertilize at the right time, use a straw mulch, and you will be come a strawberry-growing expert!

Growing Strawberries | Strawberry Plants .org

This actually works. The eggs help fertilize as well as making it so much easier to drop the seedlings into your garden since they are biodegradable.

Quote: "It takes two hours to set up a 300-square-foot garden that requires no roto-tilling -- no digging at all! -- and, even in drought-stricken Nevada, only needs to be watered every ten days or so."

How to start a no-dig garden

starting seeds and cold frames

Garden With Cold Frames to Grow More Food

How to grow and harvest sweet potatoes--good information about starting your own slips to exactly how to harvest.

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes - Vegetable Gardener

Sow what?

Propagate Basil for Pennies!

How to Propagate Basil

who knew? blueberries thrive in container gardens!

1 Top Hat Blueberry | Flower Power Fundraising

Alternative Gardning: 12 Fastest Vegetables to Grow in your Garden

Growing Herbs - handy sun chart for selecting plants plus easy growing tips

Growing Herbs {Handy Sun Chart} - Empress of Dirt

Plant Guide

Planting a celery bottom will produce a new stock of celery!

Planning For Your In Door Winter Garden

Keep this chart is handy (Keep in mind that his is dependant on what climate zone you're in, but it's good rule of thumb!)

Starting seeds indoors....almost time to start doing this...great website if you haven't started seeds before.

How to Start Seeds Indoors: Organic Gardening