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Giant Skeleton Victim Illusion Costume… Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

This was actually a last minute costume. It all started with a failed attempt at making a costume using stilts apperently I do not have balance.

Awesome DIY Witch Doctor Halloween Costume… Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Each year my husband and I help our youngest get dressed up for his VHS Band Halloween Party. We try to go as elaborate as we can without buying too much a

It's My Head in a Box - awesome costume

Here's a clever costume of a headless zombie carrying around a box full of body parts, except one of the severed heads is still allive and looking around!Clever costumes abound these days, but we like the ones that make people lose their heads!

How to Make A Head-In-A-Jar Costume

halloweencrafts: DIY Halloween Jar Head Costume Tutorial from Thirty Handmade Days here. This is actually a really easy DIY costume after reading the tutorial. Rainbowsandunicornscrafts: …especially easy to do if you are short or a kid.