Good drawings yield excellent results

love the goose neck lights, the side entrance with the portico, the warm wood garage doors, I would do black windows, black metal roof and square garage doors to have a more craftsman look

"Barn Reflections" | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

barn reflections - - oh boy - lets get this place and fill the pond with fish and have a cookout with friends

Love old Barns

GL: Something like this as the starting point / underlying architecture, please. We may wind up building a new structure with new eco-friendly tech that only looks like a converted barn. Or, we may buy an old barn, disassemble it, and use it for parts i


Weathered Barn ~ Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, my dream house wld have a barn like this

Original olb barn...

Recently a friend invited me to Bluntsville, VA. This was 100 years ago a beautiful ore mining and plantation area. It is now abandoned with old homes, plantations and acres of untouched forest.


Maine - love this old barn with lightning rods, one on each end of the roof.