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Vestal Virgins

Marble statue of veiled Etruscan Vestal Virgin excavated at Banghazi Libya C.150 BC

Marble sculpture of Vestal virgin with Vestal virgin smile. C.100BC Capital museum Rome

House and Courtyard of the Vestal Virgins next to the Roman Forum

Etruscan terracotta statue of a vestal virgin c.300BC. San Antonio museum of art

Procession of the Vestal Virgins Ravenna

Seated statue of Etruscan Vestal Virgin.Tarentum C.500 B.C

Etruscan terracotta head of a veiled Vestal virgin, Cyprus C.350BC

Vestal virgins

Vestal virgin

Marble head of an Etruscan Vestal virgin found in Smyrna, Lydia. Istanbul Archeological Museum

Veiled Vestal virgin by Raffaele Monti (1818-1881), marble, Chatsworth House collection England

Vestal virgin, 'symmachrvm' ivory c.400 AD Vatican Etruscan Museum


Sumerian Vestal virgin wearing a shawl. Girsu, c.2150 BC Louvre

Marble statue of Etruscan Vestal Virgin

Temple of Vesta Rome Italy c1890s

Donatien Nonotte (1708-1785) Portrait of Charlotta Sparre as a Vestal 1741

Portrait of a Woman as a Vestal Virgin Angelica Kauffmann

Lady Hamilton as a Vestal George Romney )

The Torment of Vestale - Paul Baudry

Young Woman as a Vestal Virgin by François Hubert Drouais, 1767

A Vestal Virgin Crowned With Flowers - Jacques-Louis David. Art Experience NYC www.artexperience...

A Vestal Portrait Of Miss Violet Lindsay