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cutie wootie

cutie wootie

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I want this cat,

  • Maggie Doss
    Maggie Doss

    Faye Doss, we need to get a cat like this!

  • DeborahandAnthony Evans
    DeborahandAnthony Evans

    What kind of cat is this?

  • Larissa Stanton
    Larissa Stanton

    It's a short haired Persian! Orange and white :)

  • Larissa Stanton
    Larissa Stanton

    Or orange tabby

  • Maggie Doss
    Maggie Doss

    Ah forreal :) thanks it so cute, when I saw it.

peek-a-boo :D

Awe cute little baby bunny :3


Duckie :D

  • Heather Cox Ellison
    Heather Cox Ellison

    I've had 6 ducks in my bathtub, but this is adorable!

  • Little Miss Sassy Pants
    Little Miss Sassy Pants

    This reminds me of my friend Gina B....

  • Sara Boudreau
    Sara Boudreau

    So adorable!

  • Natty Dee
    Natty Dee

    @Michelle Sligh - did your ever do this?!

  • Elaine Wettemann
    Elaine Wettemann

    Duckies crapping in my sink? I think not!

Baby sloth taking a nap.

I want this cat so bad not cause of it beautiful blue eye but it adorable as well, I would name it Coco after HK & friends

Baby and momma manatee.... So cute but their endangered, :'( click on the link to learn more.

D'awwwe baby manatee :D

  • Stephanie Mishler
    Stephanie Mishler

    I live manatees! They are my favorite!!!! So disappointed sea world San Diego doesn't have them anymore :(

  • lilsmailes

    Omg! I wanna feed one!!! I

  • Maggie Doss
    Maggie Doss

    Stephanie: Their mine favor too! Iilsmailes: Me too their so cute.

baby Panada :D

  • Melissa Marks
    Melissa Marks


So many ... cute little.....bunny............!


Tea cup piggy! Owink ♥

Did you know? That sea otters holding hands to keep from drifting apart while sleeping!

This picture fills me up with joy :)

Harry puppy!

Mommy & baby otter

D'aw don't cry kitty :(

  • Sarah Lee Gretty Zamora
    Sarah Lee Gretty Zamora

    Ahh sad kitty!

  • Maggie Doss
    Maggie Doss

    I know I just wanna hold him/her & tell it that everything is all right :(

Side by side or miles apart best friends are together if only by heart.

  • Maggie Doss
    Maggie Doss

    So I just read the story & it was just too cute. I have to share this with my child next time :)

  • Gail Wells
    Gail Wells

    on this earth, love comes to those who are willing to get close.

  • amber

    My daughter's school library has the book and stuff animal

  • Mariko Moss
    Mariko Moss

    I have seen their story and it's really touching

  • Angie Edwards
    Angie Edwards

    So sweet

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