Long layered bob

I also really like the back of this hair style! Honey blonde highlight: Beautiful and simple medium length bob hair cut is enough to make a stunning look with this honey blonde highlighted hair color. A bob hair cut doesn't


This is a great fall look, and I love that sweater vest! (Wait, did I just say I loved a sweater vest?) --//-- I love a good sweater vest!


Love the lace blue shirt. Not a fan of shoes. My navy blue aldo velvet ballet flats would be cuter.


I'd skip the zebra scarf in favor of a pop of color and no black nail polish. Maybe also some color in a big ole pair of earrings. And probably a silver clutch. Those shoes are A.

Love this!

great outfit, love the one green stripe across the chest area. wonderful for thinner women.my stripes need to go vertical for a more 'slimming effect'


Summer casual is usually a pretty, breezy top (frequently sleeveless) over a simple bottom. Some easy casual dresses too. I like the longer shorts.

Lazy days....love

Outfit- I have the shoes tank hoodie and jeans. I need that scarf bc I just got a wrist purse in zebra ;

I love everything about this!

love the pop of orange. I am definitely a shirt and jeans girl (outside of work). I love this shirt and always wear bootcut jeans. Seems like I love the color grey too, although I have too much grey!

Chevron leggings! Love!

A pair of chevron pattern leggings with my grey boots.I'd love this with a lime green top