Much better than the crocheted towel you can use any towel.

Little Birdie Secrets: crocheted towel holder pattern. This holds the towel. It's not crocheted onto the towel. So much better

I feel so dumb that I have never done this!!

How to hang a picture w/ two hangers: Put tape on the picture. Put tape on the wall using a level. Attach picture hangers to the wall according to the marks. Pull off the tape. Hang the picture!

Stacking towel bars behind closed doors is a great way to remedy the shortage and use space efficiently.

Tiny Bathroom: Install multiple towel rods on the back of your door. Why just hang one when you can hang three? You could also opt for an over door towel rack. www.

panier couverts ou sachets de thés ou autre

Ravelry: Kirakira Hemp Rectangular Basket - free pattern by Pierrot on Ravelry: use for silverware, seed packets, etc.

Cleaning Microwave With Lemons

Cleaning Microwave With Lemons ~ Natural Cleaning Tip

good idea

Even think I could sew this instead of crochet. This is a fabulous idea- I know someone who is always looking for their keys, marvelous gift idea, and it will use very small amount of wool Felted Door Knob Organizer

How to make a ring storage box with a sigar box and a sweater...

Ring Storage-Make it before Buy it-Sweater Surgery Style

DIY ring holder, made with a cigar box & old sweater. Cut long piece from sweater, equal width as box. Accordion-fold & place into box, gluing underside as needed.

How to clean microwave oven with lemon ? - DIY Tips ~ Home Decors

How to clean microwave oven with lemon ? - DIY Tips ~ Home Decors -- This is super useful and apparently an actual thing. Gonna have to try it sometime, lemon is much cheaper than buying cleaning products.

24 Creative DIY Ideas That Will Change Your Life-1

24 Creative DIY Ideas That Will Change Your Life-1

When life gives you lemons, clean your bathroom. :D Simply slice a lemon in half and rub it on any hard water stains and rinse clean. Vinegar can also clean away chalk from hard water (I use it for the shower head)

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