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What shall I wear to the Feast?

A visual guide to SCA period (i.e. medieval and renaissance) clothing as recreated by some very talented people.

What shall I wear to the Feast?

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Re-enactor as the French Ambassador in the Great Hall for the Christmas 1541 event at Stirling Castle.

Early to mid 14th century gown and a cloak/mantle, based on the effigy of Blanche Mortimer.

Some Good English Weather | The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart: English Fitted Gown (English 2nd half of the 16th century)

La Vita Italiana | The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart: La Vita Italiana 1590s Italian Renaissance Dress

16th century working class

1480 Blue and gold cioppa linen in blue velveteen over yellow linen gamurra.

Tudor man (early to mid 16th century)

Kentwell Hall - 16th century Gentlewoman, and children, showing the difference in dress of the upper class, and lower class.

Medieval silk brocade houppelande of early 15th by LadyMalinaCom

L`Ultima Frontiera. Taurica 1461-1490. German in the style of Durer

A Venetian gown and hairdo, of the 1580s-90s

Recreation of Portrait of Eleanora di Toledo's outfit from portrait by Agnolo Bronzino c.1562

A mid 16th century Florentine Gown in the style of Bronzino, lovingly created!

Custom Made, Proper Henrician Lady's Gown c. 1520s-40s

"HRM Thorfinn wearing Norman (11th century) garb"

Citizen from Langres French citizen at the end of 16th century, vicarage maid from Langers, clothed dress made of thick flax.

Child's Elizabethan Closed Bodice Gown

A Outfit in the Style of 1570s Bergamo

Gardcorps initially man's garment was used in 13th and 14th century as a practical kind of cloak. Below brocade garment (pattern) lined by thick wool cloth man wears red cotte and green hose as shows the next page. The head is covered by white linen coif and brown woolen hat. Half of 14th century.

Late 16th century Flemish dress Done all in linen.

Sister Blanche plays her vieille in the donjon of castle Thun in Switzerland (built 1170 ad). She is wearing the typical garments of a late 12th century canoness. The vieille is a reconstruction of the period instrument. Comthurey Alpinum, Reenactment 1180 ad.

A Doctor of Divinity visiting Kentwell Hall from his post at Cambridge University. The Great Annual Tudor Re-Creation" features 300+ dedicated re-enactors in costume and in character around the Elizabethan house, farm and grounds. This year was 1578.

Side-view of damask Henrician gown mid 16th century English

Elizabethan Lady,The Tudor Group

16th century Dairymaids - Kentwell 2014