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Ever since Pippa Middleton made her grand entrance to the Royal Wedding, white bridesmaid dresses have transformed from taboo to trend. We like how designers are adding black details to white bridesmaid dresses for some modern contrast.

if it's going to rain on my wedding day, I want a cute picture like this

Wedding in the rain. Picture to take if it rains on your wedding day. " In the Hindu tradition rain on the wedding day is lucky as it it is believed to forbear a strong marriage. The logic behind this belief is that a wet knot is harder to untie.

Black and white wedding cake with a Topper to cut and minis to serve :) Easier for serving and saving

Topper to cut and minis to serve. this idea is mindblowing :-) What about vintage decorated mini-cakes instead of cupcakes? As long as there's enough for everyone. Put cupcakes on table around cake & mini-cakes? Yep loving that idea!