Dinosaur party ideas

Dinosaur eggs: 1 cups dirt, 1 cups flour cup salt, cup sand Mix dry ingredients, start adding water slowly until it holds shape. Form around critters of your choice & let dry in the sun. Let the kids enjoy discovering whats inside.


Dinosaur Party Continued: This is the excavation tools & to,& one of the step-by-step tutorials included in our Dinosaur Party pdf.

12 Dinosaurs Plantable Pots and Birthday Party by recycledideas.

12 Plantable Farm Birthday Party Favors - Seed Paper Pigs Chicks Sheep Cows Rabbits - Plantable Pots and Custom Personalized Favor Cards

Plantable Paper Dino Favors ** Plant them, they grow! ** Each plantable dinosaur is chock full of a mix of perennial and annual flower seeds