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Assiut tally design

1920's, 24" wide by 94" long, silver mesh " Egyptian wedding" shawl - Assiut - Assiut - tulle bi telli

100-year-old Assuit shawl.

Antique Assuit shawl, silver on black. #Vaudeville_Gypsy on Etsy

Ebay Antique Vintage 1920’s Egyptian Assuit Shawl Scarf. Beige with Gold-Plated Metal. Camels, Monkeys, Figures, Trees. Shimmering Art Deco Geometric. Flapper, Azute, Tulle-bi-telli Piano Scarf. 26 x 80 inches.

Love the ducks! This is definately a coptic wedding shawl - note the row of churches and the aroosh/bride figures! Ouch the price! 1920s Assuit Scarf with Figures & Trees

Another piece related to Assuit embroidery. "EARLY EMBROIDERED FRAGMENT- ASSUIT WORK - SILVER THREAD WORK | Antiques:Fabric/ Textiles:Embroidery |"

Metal and needles for making assiut - assuit - asyut - tulle bi telli! Photo by Laura Thompson

1920s Ivory and Silver Assuit shawl

Africa | shawl from Asyut, Upper Egypt ca. 1900 - 1930 netted cotton and silver

Assuit shawls early 20th century Covered with thousands of silver foil strips in a beautiful geometric design, Assuit shawls were introduced to the American public from Egypt at the Chicago World’s Fair 1893, setting off a wave Orientalism. Popularity was renewed in 1922 with the discovery of King Tut's tomb. Also known as Tulle-bi-telli (net with metal), they are usually linen mesh with small strips of metal, originally silver and gold, hammered over the netting in elaborate designs.

Bridal Pattern - 1920's ARTDECO Sheer Mesh with Woven Metal Print Dress and AZUTE Shawl

Densely patterned assiut shawl featured as an example in a nice article that recounts the oral tradition about the history of assiut. On

1920's, 24" wide by 94" long, silver mesh " Egyptian wedding" shawl - Assiut - Assiut - tulle bi telli

Egyptian/Art Deco Azute shawl, c.1920s.

Evening dress with Egyptian style motifs by Paul Poiret (1923).

Childs sock. Egypt, probably the city of Fustat, near Cairo Possibly 11-12th C. Fatimid; or 12-13th C. Ayyubid; or 13-15th C. Mamluk More info:

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Yummy Geometric Patterned Egyptian/Art Deco Azute shawl, c.1920s.

Art deco egyptian influence

Detail 1920s Rare Assuit Flapper Coat. The technique used to make this has been done for a very very long time and is still done today but not to the same degree and quality of the pieces done in the twenties. The base is a fine cotton mesh which then has silver hammered onto it and folded - in essence the metal is wrapped around the mesh to form that fantastic design. The main body of the piece is is literally covered - the back is solid silver on the mesh. It is lined in a cream silk.