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New Starters Pokemon x Sonic the Hedgehog by Baitong9194 on DeviantArt

New Starters Pokemon x Sonic the Hedgehog by on DeviantArt At one point I was really obsessed with Sonic the hedgehog, and seeing this really made my heart soar.

Their looks reflect the characteristics of their signature pokemon! How would you look?

It's giving me Pokémon ReBurst vibes by the looks of it

time rise adventure!

time rise adventure!

Anime Gladion | Pokémon Sun and Moon | Know Your Meme

black_fur gladio_(pokemon) highres lycanroc male_focus midnight_lycanroc moon pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm pokemon_sm_(anime) red_eyes red_fur silvally tongue tongue_out torn_clothes umbreon white_fur