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Matheus Takahashi
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Exotication... : Foto

sakimichan: “ My attempt at another female super hero, I tired to bulk her up a little, and I wanted to paint her in a more casual attire, Jeans and tank top : ) I want to draw more fem super hero so.

Mulher gato, gratíssima, mas muito violenta, ela arranha muito!

Anime picture with dc comics batman cat woman sakimichan single tall image blue eyes light erotic black hair breasts fringe large breasts cleavage holding lips night collarbone city wet rain

Exotication... | Peachy by sakimichan

sakimichan: “ Since I already drew Rosalina I though I’d draw Peach( from Mario game series) too :) I did a bit of experimenting with her dress , was fun designing it but still keeping some of her.

Prince mononoke by sakimichan on DeviantArt

Ashitaka & San - gender-bending the typical "Disney" princess might make an interesting alternate-version of Princess Mononoke. Most of the rest in the series are just a little too "pretty" but then again, so are most of the typical Disney princess types.

Princess Mononoke

An illustration of San from the popular Studio Ghibli movie, Princess Mononoke. Watermarks will not appear on the poster. Printed on glossy cover stock.

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