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super talented and swell people

super talented and swell people

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Georgia O’Keeffe

  • Kelley Brugh Fine Art
    Kelley Brugh Fine Art

    Love how Georgia O'Keeffe simplifies her subjects!

"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do." -Georgia O’Keeffe

  • Paulette Spainhour
    Paulette Spainhour

    Bless this Lady,

Creative Spaces: Sarah Swell Jewelry | conundrum

Creative Spaces: Sarah Swell Jewelry | conundrum
  • Agnes & André
    Agnes & André

    Looks at my life in my loft!

Pintastic People: Caitlin Flemming | conundrum

Pintastic People: Caitlin Flemming | conundrum

Rashida Jones via Garance Dore

Career / Rashida

Michael Cera

Prom Dresses,Quinceanera Dresses,Discount Evening Gowns,Cheap

steve martin

  • Carol Pascarella
    Carol Pascarella

    Love him!

  • Ashley Denard
    Ashley Denard

    Makes me think of my Dad!

  • Julie Wilson
    Julie Wilson

    Just a wild and crazy guy!

Parker Posey

  • Angelica Perez Paulin Geraldo
    Angelica Perez Paulin Geraldo

    I like her so much!!!! she's awesome!

  • Vicky Blankenship
    Vicky Blankenship

    Love her!

  • Frankly Ferris
    Frankly Ferris

    Me too!

  • The Hunt
    The Hunt

    i thinks she is so awesome

Picasso in his studio

Inside Pablo Picasso's Studio (And Up His Nose)
  • Tami Riley
    Tami Riley


The cast of Arrested Development in Entertainment Weekly :)

Arrested Development Cast Reunited -- Vulture
  • Alicia Deters
    Alicia Deters

    best show ever.

  • Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams

    Tobias is the best. His face is hilarious!

  • Crystal Crowell
    Crystal Crowell

    So excited for 10 more shows!!

  • Rachel Garrison
    Rachel Garrison

    Tobias is my favorite - he is hilarious!!!

Pintastic People: Erin Loechner | conundrum

Pintastic People: Erin Loechner | conundrum
  • Paulette Spainhour
    Paulette Spainhour

    Beautiful Lady!

Pintastic People: Jonathan Lo | conundrum

Pintastic People: Erin Hiemstra | conundrum

Pintastic People: Erin Hiemstra | conundrum
  • The Hunt
    The Hunt

    Could she be any nicer?

Pintastic People: Jeanne Chan | conundrum

  • The Hunt
    The Hunt

    aww! Jeane! She is the sweetest!

Julia Child


    Julia was great. And so much fun to watch too;

  • Harriotte Robinson
    Harriotte Robinson

    That was " the livahh.." a la Dan Acroyd.

  • Susan Garanzuay
    Susan Garanzuay

    Happy Birthday Julia!

  • Megan Miller
    Megan Miller


  • The Hunt
    The Hunt

    My personal hero.

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Julia Child; Behind the scenes...

  • Sydney Chandler
    Sydney Chandler

    I watch her shows on PBS . She was just a fun person to watch. This was when TV was cool, now everything has to be sexualized...even some of the cooking shows. O think the closest person we have in regards to fun, is Paula Deen.

  • Sadie Jane
    Sadie Jane

    I always wondered why she was able to make all that unbelievable food....jk! She's the cutest :)

  • Rege Hilda Coulombe
    Rege Hilda Coulombe

    Julia Child and the Galloping first inspirations for my love of cooking!

  • David Barzaga
    David Barzaga

    What a great Pic.

  • SC

    It's amazing how much effort went into this! Awesome pic

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Pintastic People: Jennifer Chong | conundrum

Pintastic People: Jennifer Chong | conundrum
  • Theresa L
    Theresa L

    Jennifer Chong..great showcase..congrats!

  • Jennifer Chong | See and Savour
    Jennifer Chong | See and Savour

    I GOT PINNED! :) thanks for having me Maia McDonald


    Congrats Jennifer Chong! Love your pins too @Maia McDonald! xo

  • Yeo Siong
    Yeo Siong

    Love ur work. Well done

Wes Anderson on-set Moonrise Kingdom, Photographed by Niko Tavernise.

These ladies are brilliant.

Summer '11 Star Portraits: the Women | Photo 16 of 20 |

    maid of honor

  • Rita Meher
    Rita Meher

    she is reading a book called Anti-Bride-- hilarious!

  • Mil

    These 2 are Awesome!!!


  • Alexandra Macedo
    Alexandra Macedo


  • Carla Vasquez
    Carla Vasquez

    Gorgeous! I wish I could photograph this well.

  • Mae Laramore-Kraft
    Mae Laramore-Kraft


  • Hilda Moores-Saint
    Hilda Moores-Saint


  • Pamela


Diego Rivera y Cantinflas

  • Carlos A. Montero Barcia
    Carlos A. Montero Barcia

    A youth memory

  • Herbally Radiant
    Herbally Radiant

    Always a pleasure to pass through memory lane.

  • Carl Carloss
    Carl Carloss

    ma carailho e cantinflas :D :D :D

  • Carl Carloss
    Carl Carloss

    diego no me gusta tanto, me gusta mas frida :D :D :D :D

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. John Lennon

Hard Rock Florence (hrcfirenze) on Twitter
  • Kathie Loeffler
    Kathie Loeffler

    There is a tribute to him in Central Park in New York where it is covered in roses everyday. He is missed

  • Janice Vick
    Janice Vick

    Great idea! But, let me make notecards of your home! Cheap! I'm retired!


    such a cool spirit

  • Sheela Wieland
    Sheela Wieland

    Dear cheap and retired. What in the world r y talking about??

  • Carl Carloss
    Carl Carloss

    the picture off the last glasses u wore is horrible my friend

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Tavi | StyleCaster

Tavi | StyleCaster
  • Amber Robertson
    Amber Robertson

    I like this bike!

Jane Goodall

  • Kate Hamilton
    Kate Hamilton

    My Hero!

  • Cindy Friedlander
    Cindy Friedlander

    She is my hero too!


  • Tanya Ilnisky
    Tanya Ilnisky

    great photo of her

  • Delia Muniz
    Delia Muniz

    I am a huge fan of her husband Diego Rivera as well. They were an amazing twosome. Both so talented and tragic in their own way..... Dil

  • Cindy Friedlander
    Cindy Friedlander

    So strong!

  • Carl Carloss
    Carl Carloss

    this frida off my mind

  • Carl Carloss
    Carl Carloss

    i like u more than hell ;D

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