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the bay

the bay

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Oakland | maiasmith | VSCO Grid

Oakland Guide with Abe's Market | conundrum

Oakland Guide with Abe's Market | conundrum

The Scoop | Oakland is the New Brooklyn: 6 Hot Picks by Maia McDonald | Abe's Market

Souvla, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge #LoveThisCity #SanFrancisco

Golden Gate Bridge


Golden Gate Brg S
San Francisco , CA

Priceless (priceless) on Twitter
  • Lynette Whitaker
    Lynette Whitaker

    there is none better

Jewelry designer Kate Ellen

Crown Nine

Jewelry Store

515 9th Street
Oakland , CA

(510) 507-0789

Creative Spaces: Kate Ellen | conundrum

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge


Golden Gate Brg S
San Francisco , CA

  • Debra Nolen
    Debra Nolen

    Went there 33 yrs ago for our honeymoon♥

  • Alba Melgar
    Alba Melgar

    Viaje inolvidable con mi hija!!

  • Lisa Gray
    Lisa Gray

    one of my fav places in CA

  • Jenny Hagen
    Jenny Hagen

    Totally on my list of must go and see places...sigh!

Belcampo Meat Co | Eva Kolenko Photography

Belcampo Meat Co.


1998 Polk Street
San Francisco , CA

(415) 660-5573

Belcampo Meat Co. | Eva Kolenko Photography

san francisco

san francisco through parisian eyes. / sfgirlbybay
  • Fig & clover salon
    Fig & clover salon

    Great picture!

  • Sara Ghedina
    Sara Ghedina

    wonderful! where is it? i mean, what street is this?

Oakland city guide | sfgirlbybay / victoria smith

Umami Mart

Furniture / Home Store

815 Broadway
Oakland , CA

(510) 575-9152

oaktown: oakland city guide. / sfgirlbybay

view of SF, via Flickr.

by Daniel Parada

san francisco.

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 240972

Oakland museum

Oakland Museum of California


1000 Oak St
Oakland , CA

(510) 318-8400

AIGA Design Archives

Bodega Bay via 9to5Chic

City of Bodega Bay


Getaway - 9to5Chic
  • Michele Raiola
    Michele Raiola

    Watch out for those birds. ;-)

mural via sfgirlbybay

sunday in the city. / sfgirlbybay

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge


Golden Gate Brg S
San Francisco , CA

  • Stephanie Vieira
    Stephanie Vieira

    ahhh, home!

  • Leigh Shaffer
    Leigh Shaffer

    love you SF and miss you!

  • Alice Johnson
    Alice Johnson

    I must go back there soon!

  • Julie Tucker
    Julie Tucker

    rode the motorcycle from Grand Canyon , Big Sur thru SanFrancisco...trip and beauty of a lifetime, off my bucketlist

  • Genese McCoy
    Genese McCoy

    Bucket list should be checked off in a few months!

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San Francisco

  • Bobbi Luke-Maloy
    Bobbi Luke-Maloy

    can you say photoshop. the sails should be in the shade.

San Francisco streets are so pretty, via Flickr.

Tomales bay

Tomales Bay State Park


1208 Pierce Point Rd
Inverness , CA

(415) 669-1140

  • Prithvi Raj
    Prithvi Raj

    superb place

  • Kristina Varela
    Kristina Varela

    s picture is taken from a seafood restaurant that we ate at while there. Beautiful area.

  • Kristina Varela
    Kristina Varela

    Supposed to say I think this picture...

Atomic Garden in Oakland

Atomic Garden


5453 College Ave
Oakland , CA

Sites and Bites
  • Bianca Pardini
    Bianca Pardini

    my favorite place to shop!

An Afternoon in Oakland | conundrum

Grand Lake Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Splash Pad Park
Oakland , CA

(415) 472-6100

  • Pat Moerke
    Pat Moerke

    yummy home canned goodies!

Lombard Street SF, via Flickr.

Lombard Street


Lombard St
San Francisco , CA

  • Leigh Anne Zakariassen
    Leigh Anne Zakariassen

    I miss living in SF!

  • Sandra Lindars
    Sandra Lindars

    My home town and I miss it .

  • Geeta Patel
    Geeta Patel

    My fev city .

  • Turquoise Beauté
    Turquoise Beauté

    I always see this place in my dreams. It's a bit weird - I think I should go there..

  • Geeta Patel
    Geeta Patel

    So close to my home!

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Fox theatre

Fox Theater

Music Venue

1807 Telegraph Ave
Oakland , CA

(510) 302-2277

Your Ultimate Guide To Uptown Oakland
  • Carla Martinez
    Carla Martinez

    Saw all of those bands this weekend :)

batter bakery SF

Batter Bakery


2127 Polk St
San Francisco , CA

(415) 674-1069

Wayfare Magazine - Places We Heart: Erin Hiemstra