Hide Storage Behind a Curtain If adding an armoire to your bedroom isn't enough for your clothing collection, repurpose a corner in your bedroom by hanging a shower-curtain rod and luxurious drapes from floor to ceiling. It's the perfect place to hide a wealth of wire storage baskets and rods. Simply close the draperies and no one knows you've just created a closet

Awww no way! I need to get my place decked out and finished so that I can take some photos and enter this - I did a ton with my small space! @Gilda Locicero Therapy Hope I have enough time to finish the decor before the deadline or else I'll need to wait for 2013...

The New modern Living Room with a beautiful rug, around the room decorated with sofa set and set's center has a tea table, Wall beside a cabinet and some beautiful trends on the cabinet, a photos, wall art album gallery into the blue backgrounder and black bordered wall and a cute small white & yellow color mixed pendant light. It's a amazing decoration into this modern & classic living room. http://www.urbanroad.com.au/

This beautiful platform bed with built-in wraparound storage and a sweet little set of stairs is so light and airy. How inspired would you feel waking up in it each morning? For more bedroom inspiration, follow this board. #curiographer

Scandinavian Design: The Home of Morten Bo Jensen by Vipp - http://www.interiordesign2014.com/interior-design-ideas/scandinavian-design-the-home-of-morten-bo-jensen-by-vipp/

The contents of the 15-foot-long closet are concealed by a long swath of calming blue-green fabric that glows like a light box when illuminated from within.

Someone please tell me where to find the hardware for this fantastic idea! It would be awesome as a patio door covering - goodbye yucky 1980's vinyl slats!

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